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A Biz Game

A revolutionary platform providing block-tools to tailor your own business simulation games that best suit your learning and teaching needs.

Tailor your own game

On top of configuring the perimeters of a built-in game, you may now create your own games through blocks-arrangement with simple programming logic.

Interactive Simulation Environment

Web-based technology allows the simulation environment to be accessed by multiple players simultaneously, which increases the possibility of creating competitive and collaborative games.

Enhancing learning and teaching in business management

Allowing students to role-playing in particular scenario where they may experience the application of learned knowledge, and create new knowledge.

Benefits for choosing Abizgame

With Abizgame, educators may create “unlimited” tailor simulation games that best suit their own teaching needs.


Configurating the games is easy. Abizgame also allows educators to create their own games through applying basic programming principles to drag and drop the blocks, without having to worry about the syntax and codes on the command line.


Web-based technology allows the simulation environment to be accessed by multiple players simultaneously; making both competitive and collaborative games possible.


Educators may customize games through different blocks combinations and arrangements on Abizgame, allowing institutes to enjoy “unlimited” games through a single platform.


Abizgame helps identify a set of learning objectives for the built-in basic game. Teaching kits with detailed explanation of the games, and suggested teaching strategies are also provided.

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