MAR 30, 2019 – Abizgame BSG Competition at HSU

On March 30th, 2019, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Shue Yan University, and Chu Hai College of Higher Education, Hong Kong have hosted a Business Strategy Game (BSG) Competition for undergraduate students at the campus of The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong. The Game Competition is the highlight of our pioneering project, “A Visual Platform for the Design, Implementation, and Analysis of Collaborative Business Simulation Games”, aiming to develop a visual platform for flexibly customized collaborative business simulation games that helps enhance the learning experience and teaching quality.

About thirty teams of students have registered for the competition by the deadline, and twelve of them were selected for the enrolment. Game story of the competition is designed base on the coffee industry, where students are challenged to select the right market segment, the resources spent on research and development, the best available suppliers, the marketing strategic mix, etc. Unanticipated in-game events would happen during game play, and the decisions made by any teams also affected the results of the others; hence all teams needed to adjust their strategy deployment quickly and carefully in each round.

Fig 1. Dr. Collin WONG giving an opening speech to the participants before the competition starts

The competition kicked off at 10am with an opening speech given by Dr. Collin WONG, The Abizgame’s Project Leader, and Associate Dean (External) of School of Decision Sciences at The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong. Followed by a short briefing section and before-game Q&As hosted by Mr. Jeremy CHU, our Abizgame’s Project Manager. The students were then given some warm-up time to get themselves familiar with the game-platform-environment. Afterwards, the intensive BSG competition started sharp at 11am.

Fig 2. One of the teams performing data analysis and having a discussion among themselves

Fig 3. Teams have to make numerous of business decisions quickly in each round

Fig 4. Many teams were well-prepared with spreadsheets for in-game calculations

Fig 5. Teams were listening to the mid-game update after the lunch break

The competition had eight rounds and lasted for about five hours from beginning to end. Teams needed to submit numerous of business decisions within a given time-limit in each round or they would be penalized. The competition ended around 4pm, and the results were calculated and announced immediately at the awards presentation ceremony. Before the awards presentation, a short debriefing of the teams’ performance was hosted by Mr. Jeremy CHU; where he categorized several shared mistakes the teams made during early rounds of the game, and explained how the leading teams responded and overcame the bygone errors. The champion was team “Coffeeholics” from the CUHK, and they’re granted YATA cash coupon of value HK$10,000. Students from Coffeeholics believed the game was challenging, and they had to apply comprehensive knowledge learned from different courses to plan for their in-game-actions. Students from “Innovator”, the 2nd runner-up team from CityU also claimed that although the game is only a simulation, it gave them a good chance to experience what is it like to run a business and seeing the consequences of each decision made. The 1st runner-up team, “Sunny Summer” from CUHK shared their business strategies, and the mistakes they have committed, e.g. how they inputted extra “zeros” behind the amount when they place a purchase order. They expressed the importance to be conscious always in any business communication, as a careless error may cause the company to lose millions of dollars. Mr. Jeremy CHU later responded, “This is why simulation game is important! It can be very helpful in educational and professional training by placing the learners in a safe environment to experience the consequences of various decision makings in a complex setting.”

Fig 6. A short debriefing on the students’ performance was given by Mr. Jeremy CHU before the awards presentation

Fig 7. Guest speaker, Mr. Barry YUEN congratulating the Abizgame team on hosting a successful BSG competition

Guest speaker at the ceremony, Mr. Barry YUEN, Founder & Chairman of COFFEE Academy & Speciality COFFEE Association of Hong Kong, China, praised the Abizgame Team for creating such a meaningful event, and said this might be the first coffee business strategy game competition ever hosted in the world. Furthermore, he shared with the participants about the importance of coffee trade in today’s economy.

Fig 8. Team Coffeeholics won the Champion of the Abizgame BSG competition 2019. Congratulations!

Fig 9. 1st runner-up of the Abizgame BSG competition 2019 was Team Sunny Summer

Fig 10. 2nd runner-up of the Abizgame BSG competition 2019 was Team Innovator

Fig 11. A group photo with all the guests and participants

Special Thanks:

The Abizgame Team would like to express our gratitude to all sponsors and supporting organizations for help making the BSG Competition a great success! Thank you very much! (Listed in alphabetical order below)

Coffee & Tea Academy of Hong Kong & P. R. China
Hong Kong Logistics Association
Institute for Supply Management
IVM Technology Limited
Powerhub Limited
The Chamber of Hong Kong Logistics Industry
The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport in Hong Kong
YATA Limited