NOV 15, 2018 - Seminar of the Abizgame Platform at HSUHK

On November 15th, 2018, the Abizgame team led by Dr. Collin WONG has organized a seminar regarding the Abizgame Platform idea and development at The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong. Over 30 scholars from different universities have participated.

Fig 1. Dr. Collin WONG explaining the initial aspiration in creating the Abizgame platform

Fig 2. Over 30 participants joined the seminar, including scholars from HKSYU and CHCHE

In addition to introducing the theoretical background such as blended learning and game based learning, Dr. Collin WONG also explained the convenience of building a “BLOCK-based” platform, where teachers only need to apply programming principles to drag and drop, and rearrange the BLOCKs, without having to worry about the syntax and codes on the command line. Furthermore, the Abizgame team demonstrated how to create a multi-BLOCKs game with the Teacher-Panel, and let the participants experienced the gameplay together.

Fig 3. Dr. Collin WONG explaining the concept of the BLOCK-based system

Certain faculties expressed their interests in applying the games in their teaching and provided some valuable comments after the game trial section. A faculty member from the Department of Management at HSUHK expressed her admiration of the Platform and contended that a Platform as such would really help the teaching of her field.

Fig 4. Abizgame team members helping the participants during game trial